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Bachelor of Arts in Arts Administration

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Administration provides our undergraduates with instruction in those subjects needed to successfully run a robust arts producing organization. Meeting the needs of students with a high degree of appreciation for the arts coupled with administrative and business acumen, the arts administration program prepares students for careers in:

Not-for-Profit Management    
Public Arts Management
Contract Law
Box Office Management
Strategic Planning
Arts Marketing
Business Consulting
Community Outreach

Theatre Producing
Museum Management 
Arts Management
Graphic Design
Public Relations 
Grant Writing

Arts Administrators support all levels of management in the arts, including dance, art, theatre, film, museums, galleries or performance venues. Students earn course credits in a broad mix of business, arts, and art administration courses. Key courses include:

Arts Administration
Fundraising-Grant Writing

Graphic Design

Additionally, students specialize by declaring an emphasis in either studio art, art history, dance or theatre, or they may elect to take courses in all areas of the arts. 

The OSU Arts Administration program is the only program of its kind offered at a state institution! And unique to Oklahoma State’s arts administration program is the ability to earn credit or take internships working with OSU’s two world-class art institutions near the Stillwater campus, the McKnight Center for the Performing Arts and the OSU Museum of Art. Students also learn and earn credit by assisting in the front of house opportunities with the university’s arts departments, as well as with professional organizations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

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B.A. Degree Plan:

As part of the 120-credit hour undergraduate degree, the B.A. in Arts Administration demands a minimum of 48 credit hours in required lower and upper division courses specific to the major.

The four-year course rotation typically balances Arts Administration courses with General Education requirements and electives. 30 credits are in the “core”; 18 credits are in an area of “emphasis”:

AADM 1203 Introduction to Arts Administration
AADM 2103 Fundraising for the Arts
AADM 2500 Practicum in Arts Administration
AADM 3203 Approaches to Arts Administration
AADM 4203 Senior Project in Arts Administration or
AADM 4403 Senior Honors Project in Arts Administration     

ACCT 2003 Fundamentals of Accounting
ART 2423 Graphic Design I
MC 2023 Electronic Communication or
ART 3423 Graphic Design II     
MGMT 3013 (S) Fundamentals of Management
MKTG 3213 (S) Marketing

Emphasis 1: Generalist
ART 1503 (H) Art History Survey I
ART 1513 (H) Art History Survey II
DANC 1003 Introduction to Dance
MUSI 2573 Introduction to Music
TH 2413 Introduction to Staged Entertainment
TH 4753 Stage Management

Emphasis 2: Art History
One course from:
ART 1503 Art History Survey I
ART 1513 Art History Survey II

ART 1603 Introduction to Art
5 additional art history courses, of which at
least 12 hours must be upper-division

Emphasis 3: Studio Art
ART 1103 Drawing I
ART 1113 Drawing II
One course from:
ART 1603 Introduction to Art, 
ART 1503 Art History Survey I
ART 1513 Art History Survey II
One course from:
ART 2223 Oil Painting I
ART 2233 Watercolor I
ART 2273 
Printmaking I
ART 2293 Photography I
One course from:
ART 2243 Jewelry & Metals I
ART 2253 Ceramics I
ART 2263 Sculpture I
One additional 2000-level course from any above

Emphasis 4: Dance
DANC 1003 Introduction to Dance
DANC 2002 Ballet I
DANC 2102 Modern Dance
DANC 2202 Jazz Dance
DANC 2602 Dance Improvisation
DANC 3603 Choreography
Two from any of the following:
DANC 2302 Tap
DANC 3002 Ballet II
DANC 3102 Modern Dance II

DANC 3502 Musical Theatre Dance

Emphasis 5: Theatre
TH 1323 Acting I
TH 1663 Stage Technology or
TH 1673 Costume Technology

TH 2413 Introduction to Staged Entertainment
TH 2563 Play Analysis
TH 4753 Stage Management
One course from: 
TH 1500 Run Cover Practicum
TH 2500 Production Crew Practicum