Department of Theatre

Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship

Artists in every discipline have had to become increasingly entrepreneurial in the production,171128 the comedy of errors 030cr
marketing and delivery of their art given the impact of new media and changing audience behaviors. OSU’s Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship aims to assist emerging artists develop a knowledge of sound business, marketing and financial practices for their success.

The Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship is a 21-hour program with 18 required credits earned in Arts Administration or Entrepreneurship courses and three elective credits earned in a discipline of one’s choosing. Interested students should contact either Prof. Lloyd Caldwell of the Department of Theatre and Riata Fellow for Arts Entrepreneurship in the Spears School of Business or the Undergraduate Advisor for Music and Theatre, Megan Pitt.

Required Courses

FIN 2123 Personal Finance

EEE 3023 Introduction to Entrepreneurial Thinking      and Behavior    

EEE/AADM 4123 Entrepreneurship and the Arts

MKTG 3213 Marketing (S)

EEE 4223 Entrepreneurial Marketing

EEE 4333 Launching a Business: The First 100 Days     


ART 3583 Introduction to Museum and Curatorial Studies (H)

EEE 4533 Growing Small and Family Businesses

MUSI 1623 Introduction to Music Business

TH 2833 Transitions to Professions in Design and Technology

TH 3853 Auditions and the Professional Actor/Director