Department of Theatre

Minor in Dance

Alexandra OrangeThe Minor in Dance is a 16-hour program with nine required credits earned in theory courses DANC 1003 Introduction to Dance and DANC 2602 Dance Improvisation, and in technique courses DANC 2002 Ballet I and DANC 2102 Modern Dance. Seven credits may be taken as electives from any course with the prefix DANC.

The Dance Minor offers fundamental grounding in the theory and history of dance as well as various dance techniques. This program is designed to serve students with a background in dance and a desire to continue, as well as those wishing to expand their creative vocabulary. This is a perfect fit for students who desire to study dance not only as recreation, but as performing art.


Interested students should contact the Department of Theatre Undergraduate Advisor Megan Pitt.

Required Dance Courses

DANC 1003 Introduction to Dance
DANC 2602 Dance Improvisation
DANC 2002 Ballet I
DANC 2102 Modern Dance I


Dance Electives

DANC 1200 Dance Ensemble Practicum
DANC 2202 Jazz Dance
DANC 2302 Tap
DANC 3002 Ballet II
DANC 3102 Modern Dance II
DANC 3502 Musical Theatre Dance
DANC 3603 Choreography 

Dance courses are identified with the prefix DANC, as opposed to the Theatre prefix TH, so that the courses may be easily found in the Catalog; however, the Dance Minor program is administered through the Department of Theatre.