Department of Theatre

Full-Time Faculty

Sarah StewartSarah Stewart

Lecturer & Costume Lab Manager

B.A. in Theatre Arts, Brigham Young University
Minor in Visual Arts, Brigham Young University

Sarah Stewart is a lecturer in Costume Design. She was employed at Brigham Young University for four years filling positions such as costume crafts supervisor and wardrobe supervisor. She worked as the costume designer for five main-stage productions, including: The Importance of Being Earnest, Water Sings Blue, Microburst Theatre Festival and Les Miserable for the Theatre. Stewart also toured with the Young Ambassadors dance company to South Africa and Zimbabwe in 2016. She maintained the performer’s garments as the company traveled state-wide and internationally.

Stewart received her BA in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in costume design and technology from BYU and minored in visual arts. She is also one of the authors of a visual essay on speculative realism and fiber art. The essay will be published in the International Journal of Educations through Art in 2018.

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